Ways to Become a Profitable Agribusiness Investor in Nigeria

Investing in a world with so many diverse choices can be intimidating. Each asset carries its own risk/reward profile, and there’s no one-stop source on how to safely make the most out of your money. It’s easy to put your money into opportunities that are familiar instead of investing in a complex, possibly foreign, industry like agriculture. Don’t let the potential learning curve scare you away from great returns in an asset class that helps feed, clothe, and fuel the world. Here are tips to becoming a successful agriculture investor.

1) Educate Yourself

Agriculture economics isn’t a class most people took in high school or college, so don’t be embarrassed if it is not a topic you know much about. Everyone eats and wears clothes every day connecting them to agriculture indirectly. Agriculture is a broad term, so you investors don’t have to go out and learn everything there is to know, but they do need to focus on offerings that meet their risk tolerance and desired returns. When researching agriculture investment opportunities, take the time to learn about the product being grown or raised and the way returns are produced from a given agriculture operation. A quick google search is enough to distinguish what a hydroponic farm is versus a farm that grows row crops.

2) Let Farmers & Livestock Keepers Do What They Do Best

As an agriculture investor with AgroDomain, you get to sit back and let the producers run their operation while you receive passive returns. The farmers and livestock keepers we work with are experienced in what they do and highly vetted, so there’s no worries about needing to offer advice or worry about helping them out with their business plan. There’s also no stress over buying and selling, like with stocks and bonds, because our investments tend to be for a defined or targeted duration.

3) Give Your Long-Term Investment Patience

Depending upon the crop type and way the offering is structured, it may take months to see production and returns. For example, it takes pawpaw trees one year to produce it fruits. These investments are designed to be non-correlated with the stock market and not necessarily dependent on variability in commodity prices, so one doesn’t have to worry about day-to-day fluctuations in the corn or rice markets. Checking your investment performance every once in a while is ok, in fact it’s encouraged on the AgroDomain platform. Your patience with agriculture investments will make you a less emotional, stronger investor overall.

4) Invest in your Beliefs

Typically, consumers have a preference in what they buy and consume based upon their beliefs. Investments in agriculture give investors a chance to support products or growing practices they are passionate about. For example, an investor may prefer to put their money in an organic farming. People may like hydroponics because it saves water. Others may invest in a frontier market because the farm values its laborers with job training and a zero gender wage gap. Agriculture investors have a great opportunity to grow their wealth with investments they personally value.

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