The AgroDomain Marketplace

AgroDomain Platform is an online Marketplace that enables you to buy and sell farm commodities without middlemen interference.

Post your own offers, on your own terms and sell your produce at matchless market prices. Sellers who are looking to sell can easily expand their network to hundreds of buyers by posting it for sale on the AgroDomain Platform. Reap the benefits of selling your produce at the best market value.

Post on the Marketplace

Buy farm commodities at never seen before prices. Buyers can quickly fill in their request and get response immediately, especially when local demand is low, by posting their offers to the platform. Gain an advantage by having a birds-eye view of what sellers in and around your area are looking to sell. Enjoy buying your large quantities at matchless value without any hustle.

Why Post on AgroDomain Marketplace?

Discover the many ways AgroDomain Marketplace can help you improve your farm commodity marketing

  • Speedy Trades
  • Expand Your Reach
  • Best Quality  
  • Negotiating Power

Features on the AgroDomain Marketplace

Crop Marketplace


Goal of facilitating the trade of crops between farmers, farm- co-operatives, producers and the end users as well as other key players along the value chain.Learn more.

Livestock Marketplace


The livestock component is designed to make it easy for our members to buy from and sell all types of livestock to anyone, anytime anywhere at market-driven prices. Learn more.

Farm Input & Machinery


Empowering buyers, manufacturers, distributors and other major suppliers to negotiate products directly. Learn more.

Farm Funding Request


Designed to connect investors to aid adequate funding to boost production capacity and maximize Return on Investment (ROI). Learn more.

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