Meet The Startup Revolutionizing the Agritech Value Chain in Africa

Agriculture technology has been on the fast rise in Africa in the past few years, several startups have been contributing immensely to help digitize the agriculture value chain in Africa, worthy of note is AgroDomain!

Agrodomain, is an Agritech Start-up with an Agro Marketplace and Web-store Platform designed to cater to the end-to-end requirements of the agricultural value chain. Launched in 2018, the company is leveraging on cutting-edge technologies to support every aspect of the agricultural value chain by creating products that enhance productivity and connectivity at each level in the agricultural value chain.

The platform is focused on empowering the farmer and connecting the grassroots with economic value to humanity.

AgroDomain provides an opportunity for farmers to apply for and get funds to help support their farms, the platform seamlessly connects farmers with viable and profitable farm-related propositions to prospective investors/funders or sponsors, thereby assisting in bridging the demand and supply gap in agro-financing in the country.

AgroDomain provides Off-Taker Access to Get regular supply of quality farm produces at highly competitive market prices anywhere around Nigeria. The Platform supports the enlisting of Farm Cooperatives for purposes of aggregating the Selling & Buying needs of their members and obtaining good trading terms and conditions on their behalf. Designed to support the enlisting of Smallholder farmers into the cooperatives as well as helping members to access the benefits of belonging to the cooperative.

Big Data Analytics

Meet The Startup Revolutionizing the Agritech Value Chain in Africa

The platform provides analytics and solutions into the hands of farmers whether online or offline, wherever and whenever. Empowering users with operational insights and the ability to analyze and synthesize market-driven data on a real-time basis. Agriculture in modern times is beset with ever emerging problems, problems technology has the capability to alleviate or eradicate. Problems such as climate change, equipment, soil quality, et cetera. With the rapid urbanization and spread of modern technology, agriculture has also begun to take a new modern form.

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