Its Time to Embrace Smart Farming

Smart Farming has a real potential to deliver a more efficient, productive   and sustainable agricultural outcome based on a more precise and resource-efficient approach. Smart Farming is a concept of farming management using modern Information Technology tools and processes to increase the quantity and quality of farm production.

Among the technologies available for present-day farmers there are

  • Sensing technologies, including soil scanning, water, light, humidity, temperature management;
  • Software applications — specialized software solutions that target specific farm types;
  • Communication technologies, such as cellular communication;
  • Positioning technologies, including GPS;
  • Hardware and software systems that enable IoT-based solutions, robotics and automation; and
  • Data analytics, that underlies the decision making and prediction processes.

Armed with all available technology tools, farmers can monitor the field conditions without even going to the field and make strategic decisions for the whole farm or for a single plant.

The driving force for smart farming is the IoT — the concept of connected smart machines and sensors integrated on farms to make farming processes data-driven and data-enabled.

IoT-based farming cycle:

The core of the IoT is data — and more data. To optimize the farming process, IoT devices installed on a farm should collect and process data in a repeated cycle that enables farmers to quickly react to emerging issues and changes in ambient conditions.

Observation — sensors record observational data from the crops, livestock, the soil or atmosphere.

Diagnostics — the sensor values are fed to specific software with predefined decision rules and models that ascertains the condition of the examined object and any deficiencies or needs.

Decisions — after issues are revealed, the software determines whether location-specific treatment is necessary and if so, which.

Implementation — the treatment needs to be performed by means of the correct operation of machines.

After evaluation, the cycle repeats from the beginning.

Smart Farming has a real potential to deliver a more efficient, productive   and sustainable agricultural outcome, based on a more precise and resource-efficient approach. AgroDomain Platform offers stakeholders, the necessary tools to scale when it comes to Smart Farming.

AgroDomain empowers agricultural value chain players including the small holder farmers with trusted linkages for markets access, funding needs, farm mechanization services, farm inputs requirements as well as mitigation of farm risks through affordable agro insurance packages.

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