How to Enlist as a Cooperative on AgroDomain

The AgroDomain Platform supports the enlisting of Farm Cooperatives for purposes of aggregating the Selling & Buying needs of their members and obtaining good trading terms and conditions on their behalf.  It is also designed to support the enlisting of Small holder farmers into the cooperatives as well as helping members to access the benefits of belonging to the said cooperative. The embedded tools are designed to assist with membership registration and basic data collection, improve training, support business planning, market analysis and monitoring of geo-referenced service delivery.

The Farmer Cooperative Management System will enable agricultural cooperatives achieve following:

  • Central registry of all farmers in the cooperative.
  • Central Management of all cooperative members.
  • Simplify produce planning with aggregated overview of planned quantities per farmer.
  • Plan and monitor production per farmer, crop and field.
  • Push best practice agricultural practices to all farmers that belongs to the co-operative.
  • Analyze production on a farmer and an aggregated level to identify key productivity drivers.
  • Ensure traceability and standards compliance

AgroDomain provides farmers’ co-operative societies to:

  • connect, expand and manage membership network
  • Valuable insights, analytics, monitoring and evaluation, providing invaluable data for research and improved yields.
  • agricultural extension services
  • access to capital, grants and funding for profitable farms

The following are the steps involved to enlist as a Member of Cooperative on AgroDomain;

  • Login to AgroDomain website to sign up
  • Select the type of operations you want to engage in
  • Fill out the required information, upload your passport photograph and your Valid Identification Card. Then click the sign up button
  • After signing up, you will receive an email asking you to activate your account.
  • Activate and Proceed to fill out your complete information to enable you have full access to the cooperative membership. Then submit!
  • Your membership request will be approved after thorough scrutiny.
  • Once approved you can go ahead to enjoy and maximize the full benefit of the platform

We love to see you smile

At AgroDomain platform, everything we do is focused on empowering the farmer and connecting the grassroots with economic value to humanity. Members of this cooperatives will benefit from any of the followings; Business partnership/investment deal, Business loans opportunities, skill acquisition and entrepreneurship training. 

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