Farmers are ditching middlemen & selling their produce online


Farmers are ditching middlemen & selling their produce online. Take the commerce of your small farm to the next level. As a farmer, you want to successfully sell your crops. Farmers markets are a popular option for farmers to sell their produce, but they do not guarantee success.

AgroDomain platform is where you can connect with traders, dealers, exporters, importers, farmers, farmer co-operatives, warehouses, transporters, etc. without middlemen.

If you haven’t Register with AgroDomain, do it now! It’s absolutely free.

You can post a simple offer in AgroDomain for your produce mentioning the following
• How much quantity you want to sell
• Your offer price
• Add descriptions and custom units for more specificity

That’s it. Your post will be seen by potential buyers who want to buy directly from farmers. Get immediate response from prospects across Nigeria and pick the best deal.

You can now post your SELL/BUY  Offers 

  1.  Farm Produce
  2.  Livestock 
  3.  Farm Inputs
  4.  Farm Machinery
  5.  Farm Project  Funding

                     Its EASY….. Its FREE 

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