Embracing AgroDomain Marketplace Platform In The Face Of COVID-19 Challenges

A typical Agro market store….Photo Credit: medium.com

The global community is at standstill, no thanks to the ravaging and dreaded COVID-19, threatening global food security. In Africa, there is hope that with the presence of an Agro Marketplace like the AgroDomain Platform, proactive measures can be taken by farmers to prevent an imminent food crisis in the country…..

Today, the reality stares the world in the face with the attendant fears and deaths. COVID-19, otherwise known as Coronavirus is spreading across all the nooks and crannies of the global community, with the speed of a harmattan fire.

As the consequences are becoming as challenging as they are dreadful, the looming food crisis being the most worrisome, the AgroDomain Agro Marketplace Platform, a one-stop-shop for everything in the Agriculture value chain, is positioned to provide hope and confidence for Nigerian, nay African farmers.

As an active integrated Pan African Start-up Agro Marketplace Platform, designed to cater for the end-to-end requirements of the agricultural value chain, AgroDomain has been positioned to help farmers cushion the effects of this rampaging virus currently sweeping across African cities.

The COVID-19 effects may be quite challenging, there is a respite for farmers in Africa as AgroDomain has promised to maintain the lead in empowering farmers with access to market and capital, link Agric produce buyers with reliable suppliers and providing on-demand logistic support for value-chain players.

AgroDomain is using the latest cutting-edge technologies to support every aspect of the agricultural value chain by creating products that enhance productivity and connectivity among every role player in the agricultural value chain.

The aim of the AgroDomain’s Agro Marketplace platform is to empower Agricultural industry players, whether big or small, with direct access to what they need to succeed, wherever and whenever they need them.

The platform, the first of its kind in Sub-Saharan Africa is purely digital and transactional in nature and is further envisioned to bring digital transformation to the agricultural ecosystem in Nigeria in the first instance and to Africa at large. 

While AgroDomain provides end-to-end support across the agricultural value chain and empowers agricultural industry players, irrespective of their size, it also addresses the core needs of players in the Agricultural Value Chain in Africa namely: Access to markets, funding, reliable suppliers, data, farm cooperatives’ management, On-Demand Agro logistics services, and secure and streamlined payment platform.

In addressing these core needs of players in the Agricultural Value Chain, the AgroDomain platform among other things provides farmers with unfettered access to markets in order to get competitive prices for farm inputs and services; and would provide them with the opportunity for capital acquisition for their farm projects, through crowdfunding.

It will also guarantee farmers wider market reach for produce sales at a profitable price; provide them digital network and extension services, insights and support; as well as provide them logistics access to ease the flow of agricultural inputs, machinery and products.

The AgroDomain platform is a robust marketplace of Crop, Livestock, Farm Inputs, Farm Machinery and Farm Funding, and also serves as an Agro Trucker, Agro Insurance hub, Agro digital network, Farm Cooperative management tool, and integrated eWallet and Payment system.

Africans cannot afford to go hungry in the face of the enormous challenges posed by the dreaded Coronavirus pandemic. And that is why embracing the AgroDomain Agro Marketplace Platform is the best thing that can happen to the African farmer.

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