Cover Crops as a Means of Protecting the Soil

A cover crop is planted primarily to manage soil erosion, soil quality and biodiversity in an agro-ecosystem. The methods of using cover crops is not widely known, however cover cropping is recognized by the farm experts as a climate smart agriculture practice. Cover crops are of interest in sustainable agriculture, as many of them improve the sustainability of the agro-ecosystem. They also indirectly improve qualities of neighboring natural ecosystems. Additionally, vast cover crop root networks help anchor the soil in place and increase the porosity.

A cover crop planted to increase soil fertility is referred to as “The Green Manure”. These types of crops are generally planted in late dry season grown for a specific period of time, then plowed under to improve soil fertility. They are used to manage a range of soil micro-nutrients, and macro-nutrients.  Of the various nutrients, the impact that cover crops have on nitrogen management gets most of our attention.

AgroDomain supports farmers to choose whatever they want to grow and how to manage specific crop types based on their needs and goals, influenced by environmental, biological, social and economic factors of the food. We take a close look at cost/benefit analyses and particular growing methods in order to address the practical concerns and solutions for your farmland. Cover crops can boost your profits the first year you plant them. They can improve your bottom line even more over the years as their soil-improving effects accumulate.

If sustainable farming is in your master plan, consider the positive role of cover crops. Whatever direction you are mapping out and planning for agriculture consider organic, sustainable and No-till methods.  These crops are also a simple solution to erosion, poor soil quality, fertility, weeds, disease and pest management. The practice of cover cropping is a great option to consider to boost the health and production of your farmland.

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