Connecting Registered SMEs, MSMEs & Agribusinesses to Investors

This is an innovative & impact driven crowdfunding framework for the agricultural sector designed to engender financial inclusion and to empower registered SMEs, MSMEs, cooperatives and agribusinesses with access to affordable funding to increase food production. It connects registered agro SMEs, MSMEs, Cooperatives and other agribusinesses, farm groups and agribusinesses with viable farm projects propositions to prospective investors through a project pitching, enlisting and funding mechanism thereby the bridging the demand & supply gap in agro-financing in Sub-Sahara Africa.

Product Features

  •  Ability to Pitch funding request
  •  Review & Streamline Pitch
  •  Itemizable Cost Items
  •  Milestone Driven
  •  Mandatory Insurance Coverage
  •  Online Claims Management
  •  Designed for MSMEs & Agro Cooperatives
  •  Transparent Funding Application approval process
  •  Deal and offer integration.
  •  Integration with Insurance processes
  •  Disbursement scheduling
  •  Farm reporting to investors and Insurance
  •  Regular farm updates for investors
  •  Farm progress view through a dashboard
  •  Automated investment repayment
  •  Integrated e-Wallet System

How AgroDomain Farm Funder works

  • Visit our website on click on the sign up menu and procced to filling out your application correctly.
  • Click on the farm project and complete a set of procedure to enable you list on our platform.
  • To ensure you are selected, complete every given task on the form and make sure it is a bankable idea.
  • Don’t hesitate to add other requirements that guarantees you a chance to be selected to make our list.
  • Once your farm project is approved, you will be enlisted for investors that may be interested to invest or buy your farm project.
  • All purchase/investment are done through our AgroDomain e-wallet account. Once approved, money will be made available to the other party involve.
  • The farm is insured during the purchase. Note that, insurance covers the Farm as the principal investment.
  • The dashboard displays all your transaction during the entire process. So, you have the opportunity to monitor your transactions from time to time.

Finally, note that funding are only to SME’s, MSME’s and Companies that are duly registered.

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