Challenges Faced by Smallholder Farmers and the Way Out

Smallholder Farmers are the key to food security in Africa. Not only do they hold large swaths of arable land, they also constitute about 70% of the workforce on the continent. However, they are bedeviled by a myriad of challenges ranging from low yields, Post-harvest losses, lack of finance, low mechanization and poor access to markets.

Storage and Logistics

The most challenging factor facing smallholder farmers in Africa without question is the issue of Post-Harvest losses which is a resultant effect of the decrepit state of infrastructure as well as the non-existence of storage facilities. Farmers are forced to sell off produce at ridiculously low prices to middlemen in order to avoid Post harvest losses.

Local and Global Markets

Guaranteed market access is the most vital part of the triangle of profitable success for Smallholder Farmers. Our platform provides reliable access to local and global markets for Small Holder Farmers. The collaboration between AgroDomain and smallholder farmers is rooted in a shared goal to create positive sustainability outcomes in agricultural supply chains, and this partnership has established mechanisms that will continue to build a positive economic impact on smallholder farmers in Nigeria and Africa in years to come.

Why our Marketplace?

There are many different ways to market your farm products. While farmers’ markets are probably the most obvious example that comes to mind, there are a number of other channels you can use to market and sell your products.

Farm Products Marketplace

The products marketplace is an online market where we connect produce merchants in the value chain.

  1. Crop Marketplace

Goal of facilitating the trade of crops between farmers, farm- co-operatives, producers and the end users as well as other key players along the value chain.

  1. Livestock Marketplace

The livestock component is designed to make it easy for our members to buy from and sell all types of livestock to anyone, anytime anywhere at market-driven prices

AgroDomain is one such platform that has an online marketplace so that farmers can Buy or Sell Seeds, Fertilizers, Fruits, Vegetables, Farming Input, Equipment and other Agricultural tools and products at the best price possible. We at AgroDomain have a vision to provide our users with real time and transparent produce marketplace.

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