Benefits of Joining Farmers Cooperative

Cooperatives can help farmers benefit from economies of scale by lowering their costs of acquiring inputs or hiring services such as storage and transport. Agricultural cooperatives also enable farmers to improve product and service quality and reduce risks.

1. Access to Various Training on Fishery, Animal Husbandry and Crop Farming

As a Cooperative Society there is capacity to organize training for members on how to make livings through Agriculture. This is done because Agriculture is the only true path to Real Growth and Economic Development.

2. Access to Government Support

Cooperative Society is an organisation which keeps growing by the day. With this growth comes recognition by relevant MDAs. Members of the Cooperative have the opportunity of enjoying some Government Support like the CBN Anchor Borrowers’ Program, The Bank of Agriculture Loan Support for Cooperatives and numerous other Grants and Aids.

3. Access to Local and International Markets

Agricultural Products command huge prices in the market and members can take advantage of this price increase over the last few years. However, getting into the market both local and international requires certain level of knowledge and finesse.

4. Access to Cheap Land and Farm Workers.

Some Cooperatives Society have roots all over the country and have formed strategic alliances with several Host Communities. Members who wish to go into individual farming can gain access to land and vetted farm workers for their operations.

5. Access to Micro-Credit Loan Facilities

AgroDomain’s Agro Loans Origination Platform is designed to enable all categories of farmers gain easy access to agricultural credits from lending institutions. Farmers wouldn’t have made without the immense support of Micro credit loan. Which is why members have the easier path to accessing funding through Cooperative.

6. Access to Subsidized Government Agricultural Implements

Some Cooperatives have roots with relevant MDAs and this grants them the opportunity to access subsidized implements like Agro-Chemicals and machineries from the Government. These Implements are available to members.

7. Special Research on Agriculture and Farming Opportunities

There are many credible Agricultural Research Institutes around the world willing to work with credible Organisations in Africa to end the Continent’s food challenge. Farmers can form Strategic Alliances with some of these Institutes all over Africa for research findings and information sharing.

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