All about AgroDomain Webstore and it Features

The Agro Webstore is envisioned to enable agribusinesses, farmers, cooperatives, agro insurance service providers and all value chain players create their customizable Webstore within their own niche and personalized commercial space on AgroDomain Platform.  The Webstore empowers owners with the tools to showcase their Agro brands across multiple African Countries and exclusively offer their products in local currencies across multiple Sub-Saharan African markets. Each Agro Webstore is designed to function as a sub-domain and accessible anytime anywhere using such store’s dedicated and unique address.

The Agro Webstore component is conceived to help African Agro Allied SMEs, MSMEs and Cooperatives as well as Smallholder farmers succeed, and to make it easy for them to conduct hyper-local transactions anywhere within the sub-continent. It is also enables traditional offline brick and mortar agro-allied companies have online presence for their products and services as well as sell such agro-products across sub-Sahara Africa. The Agro Webstore is an international and yet hyper-local platform that takes away the challenges of lack of infrastructure and technical expertise which had customarily inhibited the ability of Agro-Allied local companies to venture into broader continental markets. It supports agro value chain players to enhance their brands, customers and store on every channel (website, email, social and mobile) at a continental level.

Agro Webstore Product Features

  •  Over 48 Product Categories & Sub categories
  •  Offer / Bid creation
  •  Negotiable & Firm Offers /Bids
  •  Secure Negotiation & Counter Offer Processes
  •  E-wallet Payment System
  •  KYC Processes
  •  Digital Contract Process
  •  Delivery Confirmation Process
  •  Dispute Resolution Process
  •  SMS/Email Notifications
  •  Customizable Webstore
  •  Sub Domain features
  •  Multi Country Stores
  •  Multi Currencies capability

If you haven’t signed up on AgroDomain, do it now! It’s absolutely free.

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