Agrodomain Endorses the Sustainable Development Goals 2030

After decades of steady decline, the number of people who suffer from hunger – as measured by the prevalence of undernourishment – began to slowly increase again in 2015.  Agriculture is obviously the focus of Goal 2, which aims to achieve ‘zero hunger’. In 2018, around 70% of the world regressed in the areas of food security and sustainable agriculture (SDG 2), access to affordable and clean energy (#SDG7) and the protection of marine ecosystems #SDG14)

We are focused on aligning with the sustainable development goals 2030, as our value proposition is centred around alleviating the everyday need of small-scale farmers in developing countries. If we must pose as a solution, we must be involved in the transformation of agrifood systems across sub-Saharan Africa. Agrodomain says yes to all 17 goals.
Goal 1 Eliminate Poverty
Goal 2 Erase Hunger
Goal 3  Establish Good Health and Well-Being
Goal 4  Provide Quality Education
Goal 5 EnforceGenderEquality
Goal 6 ImproveCleanWaterandSanitation
Goal 7 Grow Affordable and Clean Energy
Goal 8 Create Decent Work and economic growth
Goal 9 Increase Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure
Goal 10 ReduceInequality
Goal 11 Mobilize SustainableCitiesandCommunities
Goal 12 Influence ResponsibleConsumptionandProduction
Goal 13 Organize Climate Action
Goal 14 Develop Life Below Water
Goal 15 Advance Life On Land
Goal 16 Guarantee Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions
Goal 17 Build Partnerships for the Goals

At the same time, a profound change of the global food and agriculture system is needed if we are to nourish the more than 690 million people who are hungry today – and the additional 2 billion people the world will have by 2050. Increasing agricultural productivity and sustainable food production is crucial to help alleviate the perils of hunger.

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