Agrodomain is Shaping Agriculture with its One-Stop Resource Platform

Historically, agriculture has undergone a series of revolutions that have driven efficiency, yield and profitability to previously unattainable levels. Market forecasts for the next decade suggest a ‘digital agricultural revolution’ will be the newest shift which could help ensure agriculture meets the needs of the global population into the future.
Innovation is more important in modern agriculture than ever before. The industry as a whole is facing huge challenges, from rising costs of supplies, a shortage of labour, and changes in consumer preferences for transparency and sustainability. There is increasing recognition from agriculture corporations that solutions are needed for these challenges.

Agro-domain positions as a one-stop resource centre for stakeholders across diverse agro-allied value chains and is set to revolutionize the Agri-sector with 12 innovative products.

  1. Agro Coop
  2. Agro insurance hub
  3. Agro market place
  4. Agro Weather Cast.
  5. Agro Funder
  6. Agro WebStore
  7. Agro Trucker
  8. Agromech
  9. Agronet
  10. Agro Analytics
  11. Agro Purse

The role of market player’s constraint in agriculture remains pervasive and they are costly and inequitably distributed, severely limiting smallholders’ ability to compete’.
Dramatic and uneven control on prices of Agriculture produce has exposed the vulnerability of the agricultural value chain in meeting global demand and call for increased investment in agriculture at all levels.
The question is how the actors of the value chain can be measured, particularly in a challenging milieu where actor/ s certainty causes to add some cost along with a reduction in available resources. An answer to addressing these constraints goes beyond conventional measures since agriculture has always been difficult to quantify the value chain in agriculture. Agrodomain serves as the solution.

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