AgroDomain 2.0 NOW LOADING!

We’ve redesigned the AgroDomain Platform with new features that address the needs of the agricultural sector in Sub-Sahara Africa in a more profound way and we are excited about it. Before we launch the new AgroDomain Platform, we would like you to have a preview of it has to offer and hope you’ll let us know how we can continue to make AgroDomain better for all agribusiness and value chain stakeholders in sub-Sahara Africa.

The new AgroDomain 2.0 is projected to reach over two million unique users across sub-Saharan Africa by 2021, bringing greater economic security in the face of climate change.

AgroDomain 2.0 NOW LOADING

Key new and enhanced features include:

1. A Marketplace with over 78 Agri Product categories

2. Customizable Agro WebStore for users

3. Agro Insure Marketplace with a wide range of affordable agricultural insurance products and services

4. Agro Purse that lets you transfer funds, pay bills and other transaction via your eWallet

5. Agro Mech for easy access to agricultural mechanization tools and services

6. AgroNet, providing peer-to-peer solutions to agricultural challenges

7. Agro Coop, providing robust and streamlined management of farm groups and cooperatives

8. Agro Trucker- now redesigned to be more flexible and to empower both fleet owners and drivers

9. Agro WeatherCast – a most reliable and precise tropical weather forecast service

10. Hyper Local platforms in 10 Sub-Saharan African Countries

11. International trade enablement- gain access to international markets while operating local

12. Easy access to affordable funding for farm projects

13. Multi-currency and multi country capability

14. Firm & Negotiable Offer & Bids

15. Automated Contracts

16. Dispute resolution tools and processes

17. Seller reputation management

18. Effective KYC protocols

19. Product recommendation engine

20. Product retargeting capabilities

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