We are excited to announce that AgroDomain 2.0 is now Live. The agricultural community is equally delighted at the prospects that the new platform offers. Our users have embraced the enormous opportunities by signing on in large numbers. 

Irrespective of your role in the Agro Value Chain, the AgroDomain 2.0 has you covered. Signup today to be part of the ongoing agri-digital revolution and transformation in Sub-Saharan Africa. AgroDomain Platform provides a game changing experience for the agricultural sector across the continent.

Key new & enhanced features include:

  1. Agro Marketplace:  provides farmers and agribusinesses local and continental market access and linkages and features over 78 Agro Product categories.
  2. Agro Webstore: customizable & branded Webstores for Agribusinesses to market a wide range of agricultural products and services to millions of farmers across Sub- Saharan Africa.
  3. Agro Funder: a vehicle for empowering Agricultural SMEs, MSMEs and Cooperatives with access to affordable funding for their farm projects.
  4. Agro Mech: designed to facilitate easy and affordable access to agricultural mechanization tools and services.
  5. AgroNet: providing peer-to-peer solutions to agricultural challenges.
  6. Agro Coop: providing robust & streamlined management of farm groups and cooperatives.
  7. Agro Insure: a multi- faceted and robust Agro Insurance platform comprising of the Agro Insurance Hub and the Agro Insurance Marketplace components designed to help farmers and agribusinesses mitigate operational risks while protecting their farm projects & related investments.
  8. Agro Trucker– an on-demand agro-logistics system now redesigned to be more flexible and to empower both fleet owners and drivers alike
  9. Hyper Local platforms in 10 Sub-Saharan African Countries
  10. International trade enablement- enables farmers and agribusinesses to access the international markets while operating local
  11. Multi-currency and multi country capability
  12. Firm & Negotiable Offer & Bids
  13. Automated Contracts
  14. Dispute resolution tools and processes
  15. Effective and strict KYC protocols
  16. Highly secure Agro Purse & e-Wallet transactional system
  17. Product retargeting capabilities

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