A Peep Into AgroDomain’s Key Platform Features (Part 3)

A Cassava farm in Nigeria…Photo credit: startuptipsdaily.com

Envisioned to bring digital transformation to the agricultural ecosystem in Nigeria in particular and entire sub-Saharan Africa in general, AgroDomain has no doubt become a key player in Nigeria nay Africa’s agriculture ecosystem.

Take for instance AgroDomain’s Agro Inputs and Machinery Marketplace designed to empower farmers, manufacturers, distributors and other major farm inputs suppliers to enlist and negotiate directly. This offer is expected to engender value in the process through a cost-effective pricing mechanism and timely access to required agro-inputs and services.

AgroDomain’s penchant for making life easy for Nigerian farmers cannot be over-emphasised. It’s Farmers’ Cooperative Management platform, for instance, is conceived to support smallholder farmers in enlisting new membership as well as organizing and managing their members.

The embedded tools are designed to assist with registration and basic data collection, improve training, support business planning, market analysis and monitoring of geo-referenced service delivery.

The Farmer Cooperative Management System will enable agricultural cooperatives to achieve the following: Central registry of all farmers in the cooperative; Central Management of all cooperative members; and Simplify produce planning with an aggregated overview of planned quantities per farmer.

The Farmer Cooperative Management System will also plan and monitor production per farmer, crop and field; push best practice agricultural practices to all farmers that belong to the co-operative; analyze production on a farmer and an aggregated level to identify key productivity drivers; as well as ensure traceability and standards compliance.

AgroDomain’s Agro Loans marketplace module is a Loans Origination Platform designed to enable all categories of farmers gain easy access to agricultural credits from lending institutions. The Agro Micro Credit Lenders and the small-folder farmer borrowers are at the centre of Agro Loan Marketplace.

This platform is designed to also support Banks and other Agro Micro-credit Lenders around Nigeria and subsequently other sub-Saharan African countries to bring financial inclusion to the vastly under-banked agricultural community.

Agro-trucker, AgroDomain’s On-Demand Agro Logistic component, which will be coming soon, is designed to be a most reliable on-demand delivery and pickup platform for the Agric sector.

It is a secure and centralized marketplace which enables listing and booking of third-party trucks for purposes of deliveries of agricultural products on location transparent basis.

The Agro-trucker is a mobile as well as web-based easy to use transportation exchange for the agricultural sector aimed at engendering product delivery convenience and efficiency across the agricultural value chain.

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