A Peep Into AgroDomain’s Key Platform Features (Part 1)

Farmers in a farmland

A peep into AgroDomain’s key platform features shows that the integrated agro start-up marketplace provides end-to-end support across the agricultural value chain by empowering agricultural industry players, irrespective of their size, with direct access to the market through bringing digital transformation that provides agricultural ecosystem in Nigeria in particular and entire sub-Saharan Africa in general.

As an integrated Pan African Start-up Agro Marketplace, the AgroDomain platform is designed in such a way that the end-to-end requirements of the agricultural value chain, are catered for seamlessly. This is coming at a time it is believed the world over that innovation has become more important in modern agriculture than ever before.

From changes in consumer preferences for transparency and sustainability to rising costs of supplies, and to the shortage of labour, the agric industry is facing enormous challenges. And that is why there is increasing recognition from stakeholders in the industry that solutions are needed to not only curb but eliminate these challenges.

Varieties of crops

Since 2019 it came on stream, AgroDomain has been using latest cutting-edge technologies to support every aspect of the agricultural value chain through creating products that enhance productivity and connectivity among every role player in the agricultural value chain.

Take, for instance, the AgroDomain Crowdfarming & funding portfolio is designed to engender financial inclusion and to help farmers and agricultural value chain players gain easy, affordable and streamlined access to the funding they require to succeed. Farmers are seamlessly connected with viable and profitable farm-related propositions to prospective investors thereby assisting in bridging the demand and supply gap in agro-financing in the country.

Furthermore, AgroDomain provides investors and off-takers with unfettered access to a reliable source of quality products and raw materials at competitive prices; Guided and informed investment in profitable farm projects with assured high Return on Investment (RoI); Investment opportunity and insights within the agricultural value chain; Verified and dependable farmers and cooperatives for varieties of products; and Access to efficient logistics and delivery of large quantities of agricultural products.

Under its Farm Products Marketplace, AgroDomain connects via online market, produce merchants in the value chain. This same service is extended to its Crop Marketplace, where the goal is to facilitate the trade of crops between farmers, farm co-operatives, producers and the end-users as well as other key players along the value chain.

In AgroDomain’s Marketplace, farmers are among other things, assured of unfettered access to farm inputs and machinery at competitive prices; Access to crowdfunding and capital sources for profitable farms; Wider market reach for produce sales at profitable price; Digital network and extension services, insights and support; as well as Logistics access to ease the flow of agricultural inputs, machinery and products.

It has often been argued that the traditional livestock industry is a sector that is widely overlooked and under-serviced, and yet, it is arguably the most vital because it provides the much needed renewable, natural resources that people rely on every day. Running the business of poultry farms, dairy farms, cattle ranches, or other livestock-related agribusinesses have all come under livestock management.  

Today, technology is revolutionizing the world of livestock management. Huge improvements have been made in this area such that tracking and managing livestock has become much easier and data-driven. The Livestock Marketplace of AgroDomain has been designed to make it easy for AgroDomain clients to buy from and sell all types of livestock to anyone, anytime, anywhere at market-driven prices.

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